November 5, 2013

Rape Crisis Scotland Survey

Rape Crisis Scotland are currently doing some lobbying about improving the experience for survivors of sexual violence in the court system. Currently many have survivors, who are seen as witnesses and do not have any legal representation, have their mental health, homelessness, involvement in prostitution, sexual history and medical records etc brought up and scrutinised in court. This is done often without challenge and survivors can often feel they are the ones being tried rather than the accused. In order to gather evidence on the need for change they are looking to gather feedback directly from survivors about their experience in court.

Poster Campaign

Ross-shire Women's Aid are calling on youth's to smash the stereotypes and create an eye catching poster on the effects of Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse is when you are in a relationship with someone and they cause you to be scared of them! Effects this can have on children and young people: Low self-esteem and depression No confidence Self harm Drugs and/or alcohol abuse Sleep problems Frequently in trouble in school Does not want to discuss family life Closing date is Friday 20th December If you would like more information on this, then please contact Claire at