Information for Children and Young People
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There’s always arguing in the house….I don’t like how he talks to me or my mum….. Sometimes I’m scared to go home….. Sometimes I feel annoyed at my mum, why can’t we just leave?…. I can’t take friends back to my house because of what goes on….  I wish there was more I could do to help my mum…. It makes me want to hurt myself…. Sometimes I feel so confused, I love him but I hate what he does…  I’m afraid of him…. I feel like running away…. I don’t want to go to school in case something happens to my mum while I’m not there……..

If any of this sounds like your home life, you could be living with Domestic Abuse, this can be; verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and financial. It’s not easy living at home when all this stuff is going on but unfortunately it happens in a lot of families