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Once you move on from the refuge into a property of your own, be that a purchased, private rented, local authority or housing association property, the support of Ross-shire Women’s Aid does not end there. Moving on from the refuge for some women may be a daunting and difficult time. The support network built up whilst in the refuge may not be so readily available and some women may find themselves feeling alone and vulnerable once more. With your assigned key-worker, you will work together until you feel confident and strong enough to be independent and able to live your life free from fear or the threat of violence. Your key-worker will work closely with you on issues such as:

  • Security arrangements and personal safety awareness
  • Ensuring that you have all essential furniture before you move into a property
  • Ensuring that you have all the necessary utilities connected i.e. gas, water, electricity
  • Appropriate schooling is secured for your children
  • Support writing letters and making telephone calls to relevant agencies
  • Emotional support