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Stalking Awareness

Members of Ross-shire women's aid will be raising awareness about stalking on Saturday (20th) in Dingwall, Alness, Tain & Portree. Stalking affects 1 in 10 each year and can have a horrendous impact on those who experience it. Stalking can consist of any type of behaviour such as regularly sending flowers or gifts, making unwanted or malicious communication, damaging property and physical or sexual assault. If the behaviour is persistent, unwanted causes fear, harassment or anxiety then it is stalking.' In the last year Ross-shire Women's Aid have worked with a number of women who have experienced this behaviour from ex-partners & strangers. Heather Williams, manager at Ross-shire Women's Aid said ' we are holding this day of awareness to coincide with national stalking awareness day. Stalking is an insidious crime which can be best described as a campaign of terror and harassment waged against an individual often by an ex-partner but sometimes by a stranger. Those experiencing stalking can have difficulty naming what it is they are experiencing with 77% of victims enduring more than 100 incidents before reporting to the police. We are hoping by raising awareness of this that more people will feel confident about speaking out and asking for help.' Two short videos have been developed as part of national stalking awareness day to help set out the realities of stalking a gift too far and I'll take care of you. For those experiencing stalking it can sometimes be difficult to explain what is happening to the police and to others. Keeping a log of what is going on can be helpful a new victims impact box is available from rape crisis Scotland this provides information and advice to those experiencing stalking.

White Ribbon Scotland Survey

White Ribbon Scotland Survey White Ribbon Scotland is conducting research into attitudes and masculinity to help us understand what people in Scotland think in relation to violence against women. To ensure they get meaningful results they need as many people as possible to fill in their survey. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete and will be very helpful in their future work. A few ideas about how you can help us get this out: • Post the link on Facebook or Twitter • Email your colleagues and friends • Tweet organisations to get them to send it on to their followers • Print out the website address and stick it on the wall at work It only takes 2 minutes but is really helpful to their work. Fill it in now.

SWA – Faith Communities Campaign – Direct Approach Survey

Direct Approach is a network that seeks to bring together individuals, groups, organisations and public services on the issues of gender equality and women’s rights. It works with individuals of different faith groups, minority ethnic communities and women to drive strategic change at a community level and make a difference to statutory and public services. Direct Approach is currently seeking to gather information on ‘honour’, gender equality and women’s rights in order to raise awareness of related issues and identify barriers which prevent society from achieving gender equality. Please find attached information on a survey to complete to help the network gain an understanding of the issues – the survey can also be found here:

No Pressure Scotland

Zero Tolerance and Scottish Women’s Aid have set up a discussion page called No Pressure. They are interested to find out what young people aged 16-25 year old, think about sex, pleasure, consent and relationships On the site you will find Thinking Cat questions for discussion, resources and blog posts about sex and relationships, If you would like more information on this blog then please click the link below:

One Billion Rising

On Thursday 14th February we joined other organisations across the globe to stand up against Violence Against Women. To mark One Billion Rising we were...
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Scottis Women's Aid 16 Days Faith Communities Campaign

Scottish Women’s Aid 16 Days Faith Communities' Campaign – in collaboration with the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association We are pleased to announce our campaign for the 16 Days of Action For The Elimination of Violence Against Women, in collaboration with the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association. The campaign has two strands – firstly, an online exhibition that we hope you will be able to contribute to along with other members of your faith community. The focus is: On Being: Powerful We’d like you to share… • your thoughts on how women can be empowered in faith communities • how we support one another and come together in times of crisis • how do we celebrate together – what does joy look like? For more information please visit the blog site for this initiative, where you can enter submissions and view the contributions over the 16 days. The second strand is a joint event with the Edinburgh Inter Faith Association, as detailed below – please also see the attached programme for Interfaith Week: Saturday 8th December On Being: Powerful What does it mean to be a woman? A Celebration of Strength and Sisterhood. 2 – 4pm, Venue to be confirmed. A women-only safe space for sharing our thoughts on power (positive and negative) in our lives, our relationships, our faith communities. How do we support one another, grieve our losses, come together in times of crisis, and celebrate our triumphs? We imagine the answers are as varied as there are women. In partnership with Edinburgh Inter Faith Association, Edinburgh Women's Interfaith Group and Scottish Women's Aid, this event takes place within the international campaign, ‘16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence’ aiming to strengthen networks of women working towards justice in their communities. Space is limited. Please RSVP by December 3 to Julia Cato at