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  • Postal Donations – General donations are one of the best ways of helping women and children as they allow us to fund the areas of greatest need.
  • Regular Standing Order – Some of our current donors give their contribution to the organisation by way of a regular monthly payment. The amount is decided by the person giving the donation. This type of regular donation allows RWA to plan and utilise funds to the full.
  • Marking special occasions. You, your family, friends or colleagues may want to collect new gifts for women and children that can be used for birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. Contact our Support and Resource Centre for information on the type of gifts required.
  • Donating new household goods for women who are moving on from refuge into their own homes. These could include cutlery or crockery sets, bedlinen, towels etc.
  • Adopting’ Ross-shire Women’s Aid as your company’s charity – provide practical help, gifts, donations, raise awareness etc
  • Carrying out fundraising events on our behalf i.e. sponsored runs