Together we can stop it – what faith communities can do!

26 October 2011

As part of  together we can stop it Scottish Women’s Aid have launched their campaign developed jointly with faith communities aimed at highlighting what faiths groups can do to end domestic abuse.

This work highlights 10 things faith communities can do, these include:

  • Developing a statement at your place of worship which highlights that domestic abuse is contrary to the teachings of your religion and promote this on posters, in leaflets and faith community newsletters
  • Ask those with responsibility for leading prayers at your place of worship to pray for those experiencing domestic abuse and to help them understand that it is not their fault but the responsibility of the perpetrator.
  • Ask for, or organise, domestic abuse awareness events at your place of worship.
  • Promote helpline numbers in your faith community leaflets and newsletters, posters and websites.
  • Contact your local Women’s Aid group to find out how you can support them.

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